Digital Ads Pricing: Managed Facebook & Instagram

First purchase the plan setup, then add one of the add-ons (Ad Spend)

Step One

Required for all new accounts (Setup Fee)

What's included in the setup fee? Tracking code setup & verification, Ad proofing, Creative creation (when required), Campaign audit & launch.


Digital Ads: Managed Facebook & Instagram Ads | Setup Fee

Setup fee only, you will still need to select an ad spend plan.

Step Two

Next, purchase an ad spend

This is the amount that will be spent on your ads.


Facebook & Instagram Ads: Ad Spend Purchase

Increasing your campaign budget can help you generate more views, clicks, conversions, and calls.

You can expand your reach by increasing your spend, or purchase mulitple times.



Ad Spend Ad-Ons

Additional Ad Spend - (Facebook & Instagram Ads)

Increase your campaign spend to reach more people and maximize your results.

Increasing your campaign budget can help you generate more views, clicks, conversions, and calls


Additional Ad Spend - (Facebook & Instagram Ads)

Same as above but $600 ad spend.




Facebook & Instagram Ads: Additional Creative Creation

Make your campaign more effective with well-designed visuals.

Your advertising campaign already includes creative creation, but what happens if you need extra banners or if you decide to change the scope of your campaign? We’ve got you covered! With this service, our team of graphic designers will work with you to craft well-designed visuals to make sure your campaign has eye-catching ads.

Call Tracking (For Facebook & Instagram Ads)

Identify your leads, prove ROI, and get customer feedback with call tracking.

Our team of digital advertising strategists will set up one forwarding number to track the calls coming from your campaigns. With this service, your can identify how many leads are being generated per campaign and listen to call recordings within the 500-minute monthly limit.

Landing Page

Increase your conversion rate by adding a landing page to your campaign.

Landing pages can complement your ad campaign and encourage your target audience to take an action like filling out a form, make a phone call, or visit a store. A well-designed landing page can increase conversion and, consequently, improve ROI.