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Review Response

Review Responses

Fully managed and drafted responses for all of your reviews.

Stay on top of their online reviews with managed Review Responses.

Our marketing strategists will respond to all negative and positive reviews on behalf of the client. Includes weekly monitoring of each time your client is mentioned online.

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The Problem

As a business owner you don’t have time to monitor, manage and respond to all the reviews that you receive online.

The Solution

Have us manage customer reviews for you! On behalf of your business, our digital agents craft custom responses to both negative and positive reviews. This includes weekly mention monitoring and surfacing negative sentiments to the business.

In the case of negative reviews, our marketing innovators send the crafted response to you, the business owner to provide final approval within 24 hours before the reviews is posted. This allows you to provide any additional imput or to modify the response with your verbage. 

Why are reviews so important?

  • Influence page rank up to 10%
  • Increase website visits up to 25%
  • Gain the trust of prospects with real customer feedback
  • Positive reviews increase visits, transactions and revenue!

Our Review Management service provides business owners with peace of mind knowing that your online reputation is being protected so that youcan focus on running your business!

Note: The responses we create are never canned, they are always unique and tailored towards the content within your reviews. We will only be responding to the reviews that include written content.

How exactly does this work?

Our team will respond to both your positive and negative reviews. We will respond immediately to positive reviews with a personalized, tailored response, and draft a response for your negative reviews and send it to you for approval. After 24 hours, the response will be posted. We also monitor mentions of your business weekly and provide you with the negative results. One of our marketing agents will work with you to get access to your Google, Yelp and Facebook pages which will aloow us to provide this service.

How to I get started?

An agent may contact you for an onboarding call, the digital agent may contact you to:

❏ Receive negative review response approval within a 24 hour time period.

❏ Follow up on claiming calls or postcards

❏ Claim an additional review site.

❏ Keep the you informed of recent and negative mentions

❏ Provide the monthly task report within the first week of every month


We will provide 24 hours to make any edits or suggestions to the response. If we do not hear from the business within this time frame, we will post the response on their behalf.

Review responses are never canned, and always tailored to the review content.

No, our agency only responds to reviews in English.

We respond to reviews, but we do not monitor those conversations any further after responding.

Unfortunately, reviews can't simply be removed from the internet. Every reviewer is entitled to their voice. What we can do is flag a review that violates that site's terms and conditions. If that particular listing site agrees with our request, they will remove the review. We would still advise responding to the review in the meantime. This way other potential customers (who may not know the reviewer is misinformed) will not assume the review is accurate.

There is virtually no limit to how many reviews we will respond to. If the number of reviews pulled in is excessive and requiring extra resources, we will have a conversation. Certain review sites have daily response caps to which we must adhere, but all your incoming reviews will get posted.

To ensure we can respond to reviews on this source, we will manually claim a listing source for you. You can also purchase one of our listing services to claim multiple your business listing form multiple listing sources that are popular with providing reviews.

Our Review Management service only covers reviews posted after an accounts initial start date.

By responding to online reviews you are thanking and acknowledging your customers for their feedback, just as you would if they were to compliment your business in person. A response to a negative review is for the benefit of anyone seeing that review, not just the reviewer. It shows the business is aware of any issues their customers may be experiencing and that they are actively working to resolve these issues. A response can also be worded to promote your business.


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